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Ref: - P/1-1/AIC                                                                                                Date: 29th Nov 2012
Notice under Article 25 of the Constitution of All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C' read with Article 20(a) and 22 ibid is hereby given that 29th All India Conference of this Union will be held at RDR Auditorium, Edappazhanji, Post – Thycaud Head Post Office,  Thiruvananthapuram - 695014 (Kerala) from 10th March 2013 to 12th March 2013.
The following shall be the items of agenda for the All India Conference:-
1.       Confirmation of the proceedings of the 28th All India Conference held at Alandi (Pune), Maharashtra in January 2011.
2.       Consideration and adoption of Biennial Report.
3.       Consideration and adoption of the Audited Accounts 2010-11 & 2011-12 (01.04.2010 to 31.03.2012)
4.       Adoption of Budget Estimates for the next session.
5.       Organisational Review:-
(i)      Organisational position/Local agitations at all levels.
(ii)    Review of present membership & evolving strategies to improve membership.
(iii)   Review of periodical meetings being held at All levels.
(iv)  Functioning of RJCM/Departmental Council
(v)    Our approach with sister unions in NFPE at all levels.
(vi)  Trade Union workshop conducted by CHQ & Circle unions
6.       Review of strikes: -
(i)      Deferred Postal Indefinite Strike from 05.07.2011 & 17.01.2012
(ii)    One Day Token Strike on 28.02.2012 & 12.12.2012
(iii)   Two days strikes from 20.02.2013 to 21.02.2013.
7.       Common Demands of C. G. Employees
(i)            Formation of Seventh Pay Commission & Merger of 50% DA.
(ii)          Sixth Pay Commission Anomalies
(iii)         Functioning of JCM National Council, National anomaly committee & MACP committee.
(iii)      Non Implementation of all pending Arbitration Awards.
(iv)        Ban on recruitment and creation of Posts
(v)          Non revision of OTA Rates.
(vi)        Scrapping of PFRDA Bill
(vii)       Medical Insurance Scheme
(viii)     Right to Strike
8.       Confederation of CG Employees & our role.
(i)   Confederation’s 12.12.2012 one day token strike.
9.       NFPE, State level Convention, & Coordinating Committees.
10.   Cadre Restructuring in Postal
  (i) Cadre review for Group 'C'
        (ii) Creation of Separate cadre for Systems Asst. & Marketing Executive
        (iii) Separate promotional avenues to PO & RMS Accountants.
        (iv) Postmasters cadre & improvement thereon.
11.   Filling up of (i) LSG/HSG II/HSG I vacancies & carving out of Postmaster Grade III.
(ii)       New Recruitment Rules of PA, Postmen, MTS & LSG,
(iii)      Proposed Revised HSG-I Recruitment Rules & its delay.
12.   Systems Administrators & Marketing Executives.
13.   RTP – Counting of Past service rendered for promotion.
14.   Anomaly Committee in Department of Posts
15.   Modified ACP Scheme – Anomalies & Settlement.
16.   P.O & RMS Accountants
17.   Policy offensives
(a)    Revised Postal Policy 2012
(b)   MNOP & Mckensy
(c)    Amendment to IPO Act 1898.
(d)   Closure / Merger of Post Offices.
(e)   Corporate Plan of India Post
(f)     Unrealistic targets of BD.
(g)    Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI/RD/MIS etc.
18.   (i) Modernisation of Postal Services & Technological advancement
(ii) Introduction of Core banking & Postal Bank
(iii) Project Arrow.
(iv) Optimisation of mail services, MNOP & Mckensy
(iv)  Accenture & future expansion.
(v)    Business activities & unrealistic targets
19.   Shortage of Staff:-
(a)    Mass Recruitment taken place in PA Cadre
(b)   Non-Creation of new posts.
(c)    Non-filling up of vacant posts if any 
20.   Bonus – Revision of formula – Removal of the Quantum ceiling etc.
21.   Contributory Negligence & Problems due to minus balance.
22.   Right to Information Act.
23.   Bhartiya Post
24.   Publication of Hand book 2013, GDS Refresher, Venture & others.
25.   Compassionate appointments & removal of conditions there on.
26.   Problems of GDS & Casual Labourers.
27.   Policy and Programme.
28.   Resolutions
29.   Amendment to the Constitution – Notice of which should be given to CHQ at least 21 days prior to the conference.
30.   Election of Office Bearers.
31.   Election of Federal Councillors.
32.   Appointment of Auditor.
33.   Venue of Next AIC.
34.   Any other item with the permission of Chair.
35.   Vote of thanks
With fraternal greetings,
(R. Sivannarayana)
General Secretary


Copy to: -

1.       Com. M. Krishnan, All India President, All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C', Thiruvananthapuram. 691001
2.       Com. Jacob Thomas, General Convenor, Receiption Committee, Thiruvananthapuram - for information and N/A
3.       All CHQ Office-bearers & Circle Secretaries
4.       Circle Secretary, Kerala Circle for necessary arrangements of the AIC.  
5.       All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries.  They are called upon to hold their respective conferences where the last conference was held before 2 years
6.       The Director General, Department of Posts, New Delhi 110001
7.       All Chief Postmasters General - Requesting to grant Special Casual Leave to the delegates.
8.       Spare
(R. Sivannarayana)
General Secretary