Monday, 23 April 2012

New Zonal Committe of Baruipur Zone

New Zonal Committee of Baruipur Zone has been formed on 23/04/2012 at Baruipur, Dak Andolan Bhawan in presence of the  Divl. Secretaries of Gr-C, Postman and ED respectively Com. Adhir Das, Com. Sukumar Mondal, Com. Pranab Kumar Pramanik. Around 40 members of Gr-C, Postman, Parttime worker and GDS attended the meeting. Organisational review, formation of the Zone, problem of the employees has been discussed at the meeting. Com. Adhir Das, Com. Subhendu Naskar, Com. Tapan Bharti addressed the meeting.

Newly selected Zonal Committe are as follows-----

Joint Convener:-  1)  Com. Subhendu Naskar, Acctt. Baruipur H.O.
                          2)  Com. Panchanan Bairagi, GDSMC, B.R.N.Pur/Madarat

Fund Incharge :-       Com. Falguni Datta, OA, Divl. Office

Patrika Incharge:-      Com. Tarun Biswas, Parttime Worker, Baruipur H.O.

Members :-          1)Com. Pallab Bhattacharya, GDSBPM, Hotar/Madarat.
                         2)Com. Nishikanta Karan, APM(Mail), Baruipur H.O.
                         3)Com. Niranjan Halder, PA, Madarat SO
                         4)Com. Naren Sardar, Head Postman, Baruipur H.O.
                         5)Com. Sunil Mondal, GDSMD, M.D. Pur/Madarat SO
                         6)Com. Rina Sarkar, OA, Divl. Office
                         7)Com. Namita Halder, PA, Baruipur H.O.
                         8)Com. Chandra Khan, OA, Divl.Office
                         9)Com. Kush Kumar Biswas, PA, SBCO/Baruipur H.O.
                       10)Com. Soumen Karmakar, Parttime Worker, Baruipur H.O.
                       11)Com. Sanjay Chakraborty, PA, Baruipur H.O.
                       12)Com. Amit Barua, PA, Baruipur H.O.
                       13)Com. Joydeep Bhadra, PA, Baruipur H.O.
                       14)Com. Selim Khan, Piyali Town
                       15)Com. Joydeb Banerjee, O/S(Mail), Baruipur Sub Division.

We Congratulate the newly selected Zonal Committe.