Tuesday 27 May 2014

News from Circle Union.

   The much-awaited meeting with the Chief PMG has materialised today, as a Circle Union delegation comprising of Com. Janardan Majumder (Circle Secretary, Group-C), Com. Nirmal Dey (Circle Secretary, Postmen & MTS) and Com. Somnath Goswami (Asst. Circle Secretary, Group-C) met the Circle Head in the afternoon and elaborately discussed the issue of training, completion of PVR etc. for the candidates selected against the vacancies for the year 2011-12. 

   The Circle Union has also given him a letter mentioning the problems as discussed during the meeting with the candidates on last Friday. The letter is reproduced below.

     The Chief PMG has expressed his concern regarding the issue as he also felt that our offices need more staff as early as possible. He has assured us to take the following steps :
  • In response to our request to take up the matter with the State Govt for completion the PVRs by Police immediately, he has assured that he would pursue by issuing letters to appropriate levels of the State Govt.
  • For the candidates with complete PVR, he would instruct Regional PMsG so that they also issue directions to all Divl Heads for implementation of the order (dated 20.05.14) of in-house training. Chief PMG has also requested Circle Union to pursue it with the PMsG. Circle Union will now issue letters to and meet PMG, Kolkata Region and PMG, South Bengal Region within a day or two accordingly.
  • For the LGO exam passed candidates, there is still no order. The Chief PMG has assured that he would write to the Postal Directorate seeking approval for in-house training for them as well, or induction training at PTCs as early as possible, as PVR is not a factor for them.    

     On the basis of today's discussion, it can be concluded that the Circle Union has successfully presented the situation and the Circle Head has also shown positive attitude to resolve the problems. We shall continue pursuing it further, but at the same time, our attention has also been drawn to another aspect.

     There are some obliquely interested corners from where confusions are being purposefully created. While our Circle Union was whole-heartedly and vigorously pursuing the entire issue from the very beginning and always reported the actual situations transparently, some efforts have now been surfaced to draw all candidates away from this integrated process. We request all to please remain careful about these elements which are actually intended to betray staff unity and weaken the pressure we have finally created. As per our commitment, we have succeeded to bring about orders and administrative persuasion immediately after the election. Individualistic efforts will now only foil and delay the progress. So, we request all candidates to please keep close contact, watch this blog and put your trust with the organisation and ask our divisional leaders also to pursue with respective Divl / Unit Heads. Please let us know the situation in your division.

    We shall be updating when there is further development.