Friday 1 March 2013

Monthly meeting with the Supdt. of POs, S. P. Dn. with reprentative of  AIPEU Gr.-C, Postman & Gr.-D has been successfully on 1.03.13. Com. Sukumar Mondal, Secy, Com. Goutam Debnath, Member, Com. Abdur Rahaman, Member of Postman & Gr.-D , Com. Adhir Das, Divl Secy, Com. Sanat Kr Das, Asstt. Secy, Com. Biplab Chakraborty, Asstt. Secy of Gr.-C were the reprentative from Staff Side. Gist of the Meeting are as follows:-
1. It has been ensured by the Supdt. that Trade union right will not be curtailed.
2. Action against SPM, Canning Town will be taken within March'2013.
3. Date of entry in the PA cadre of those PAs who were recruited under vacancy of 2009-10 will be date joining as Trainee in In house/ Institutional Trainning.
4. GDS of Bishnupur S.O. will be returned back as early as possible.
5. Personal claim will be settled within March,13.
6. Allegation against Sri Madhab Mukherjee, ASP(HQ), will be enquired by appropriate authority.
7. Rotational memo will be issued at the end of March'13.
8. Recruitment of GDS will be processed immediately.
9.Supply of Cash of BO/SO will be done regularly.
10. Divl. authority will n/a on safety/security of all POs.
11. No will be harrashed by the divl. administration    for procurement of RPLI